New session album: STRIPPED

”The intention was to record one or two songs”
- Damian Wilson -

After the final show of their 2018 acoustic tour Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman decided to go into the studio for one day and try to capture the onstage chemistry. They played through songs performed on their 27-date tour through Europe, which had an ever-changing setlist every night, and recorded everything.

This session was released through Blacklake on Vinyl, CD and digital/streaming format on January 11th.
Aside from stripped down versions of songs from their joint albums and both their solo catalogues, the album also contains a selection of cover songs that were part of the tour setlist: Life On Mars (David Bowie) and Feel Like Going Home (Charlie Rich). Soldier is played in Damian’s original song arrangement, before it became a Headspace track.

“I've never made an album that left me so exposed before. We both recorded completely live in the studio, so every noise from the piano damper pedal, every breath, every note and expression is laid bare on the recording. There's something magical about not being able to alter or fix anything once you've captured a performance.”
- Adam Wakeman –

The session was mixed by Gary Stevenson (ABC, Tony Hadley) and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima (Ayreon, Devin Townsend)

track listing

1  Life On Mars
2  Laugh In Time 
3  Written In Anger 
4  Tapestries 
5  People Come And Go 
6  Disciple 
7  Seek For Adventure 
8  I Won’t Blame Life 
9  Soldier
10 The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour 
11 Feel Like Going Home

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